Our used office machines are sourced from both national and international territory, from important companies in the business, both Manufacturers and Distributors.

When purchasing our machines, the initial contacts are important to exchange information on quantity and configuration of each machine and the agreed conditions on the withdrawal of the total lot. Once an agreement is reached, IBC takes care of all necessary following steps.

The day of loading we send specialized staff from our warehouse to your warehouse so they can start sorting the machines and then initiate the loading, in coordination with our main office and the international freight company or platform. These activities will take place 2 or 3 days after acceptance by both parties.

Once we receive the machines in our warehouse in Seville they are tested by our technical department and afterwards stored each one with their corresponding test copy and later processed according to diagnosis: Fit for resale, repair or spare parts. The details of the machines are introduced in our computer system so our sales managers of both the national and export department can dispose of this information.

They are the ones in charge of providing you with this information, either on demand or periodically, giving you the information you need to make a well weighed decision when buying machines and always helping you to optimize the order in terms of global transport.