• Waste removal

    We abide by all environmental legal stipulations, always aware of the importance to preserve the environmental values.
  • Recycling policy

    We will implement the necessary measures for the continuous improvement of our production processes, environmental behaviour and the efficiency of the Quality Management and Environmental System.
  • Continuous improvement

    In IBC we have installed the policy of continuous improvement in all departments and we take great pride in studying the areas with room for improvement to optimize where time and costs are concerned, always respecting the environment and sustainable development.
  • Data protection

    We comply with the valid regulations where waste management and removal are concerned in compliance with the organic law 15/1999 of december 13th on Data Protection.


IBC, being a company dedicated to the technical evaluation, upgrading and sales of new and used office machinery, commits to the protection of the environment and prevention of contamination. As a part of this commitment the management has decided to install an integrated management system for Quality and Environment according to the UNE ISO 14001 and UNE ISO 9001 standards based on the following principles:

The following actions will be implemented for the continuous improvement of production processes, their environmental performance and the efficiency of the Quality and Environmental Management System. The management of IBC commits to establish and implement the necessary measures to prevent any type of contamination.

To counsel and educate our staff in environmental enhancement so they can do their work respecting the environment and at the same time obtain client satisfaction.

IBC will adopt the necessary measures to control the generation of waste produced by their activity, minimizing the quantities; and supervise consumption of used material, especially when these are non renewable natural resources.

The management will assure the availability of the necessary means for the perfect execution of the work to be carried out. This will guarantee the compliance with the requirements agreed with the clients and a continuity of the rendered service.

To provide comprehensive Solutions for our clients´ needs so we can obtain full satisfaction of their expectations when working with us, from the first contact to the delivery of the product or service, as main argument to ensure a sustainable growth and the company´s profitability.

The quality of service as a fundamental feature understood as an appropriate and realistic timeline, professionalism and high performance of the service, reliability, flexibility and product quality. To upgrade and involve the staff as a fundamental instrument to give the expected quality to our clients, incorporating them in the philosophy of "pleasing the client". The qualification of our company´s technical and other staff and the wide experience in the sector are a guarantee for our clients for what professionality and seriousness are concerned. This allows us to offer a high level of reliability and confidence in the services offered.